Alcatel Plus 12 4G 2in1 Tablet Silver | 15GB Data, 24 Month

Alcatel Plus 12 2in 1 tablet 32GB Silver on 15GB Mobile Data 24 Months


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<br/>Detachable keyboard and tablet.<br/>4G WiFi connectivity for up to 15 users.<br/>Windows 10 Home RS2.<br/>Light weight and portable.

Alcatel's new Plus 12 Windows 2-in-1 tablet can be your 'office on the go'

Digital Trends - 9 months ago
Alcatel is a well-known smartphone purveyor that makes a variety of mobile devices, and it announced its new Plus 12 machine at MWC 2017. It's a new tablet-based 2-in-1 running Windows 10, with a...

Alcatel PLUS 12 review: A simple, low-cost 2-in-1 - 1 month ago
Alcatel ships the PLUS 12 with a 6900mAh battery on the tablet itself as well as a 2580mAH battery in the keyboard case, although that specification is for the international, 4G-ready model where the...

Alcatel Plus 12: A 2-in-1 tablet with an LTE keyboard

Windows Central - 9 months ago
While it's not the most impressive of tablets, even at its low price point, the Alcatel Plus 12 still stands out for doing things just a little bit different. One year ago at MWC 2016, Alcatel...

Vodafone will sell Alcatel's PLUS 12 tablet for $558 - 1 month ago
It's taken some time for the PLUS 12 to make its way to our shores, with Alcatel today announcing that Vodafone will be the retailer for its 2-in-1 device. The PLUS 12 is a Windows 10 tablet with...

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