Doro 6520 0GB Graphite

Doro 6520 Graphite | 2GB Data, 600 Minutes

Doro 6520 0GB Graphite on Advanced – 2GB Data, 600 Minutes


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2.8” screen for viewing messages and photos easily
Enhanced loud and clear sound
Large buttons with direct dials and SMS button for easy dialling
Access emails and internet

Doro's new phone comes to Vodafone in Ireland

Irish Examiner - 8 months ago
Chris Millington, the Managing Director of Doro UK and Ireland, commented: “The Doro 6520 is quickly becoming a hero product for us within our feature phone range – its success has been further...

Doro's nan-friendly Android phone lands in Carphone Warehouse

TrustedReviews - 10 months ago
The Doro 6520 is a 3G handset that includes top-of-the-range features like internet browsing and e-mail – all for £49.99. There's also the Doro 5516, which lets you call, text, and view...

Doro unveils two new devices on sale through Argos

Mobile News - 12 months ago
Argos is the first UK SIM-free retailer to stock the new Doro 6520 feature phone. The 3G flip-phone comes with a 2.8-inch screen, plus online features including email, Facebook, Twitter and a web...

Mobile phones with no upfront cost

Broadbandchoices News - 4 months ago
The great thing about contract deals is that you can spread the cost of an expensive phone out across two years - and in the case of these plans, you won't have to hand over a thing besides your...

Unlimited data plans - 1 years ago
Unlimited data plans on Three give you freedom from caps and restrictions, so you can download, stream, browse the web and even play online games to your heart's content without having to worry...

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