Huawei Road-Fi Black | Data Reward SIM with 1GB

Huawei RoadFi Black on Data Reward SIM Preloaded with 1GB data


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Internet for the journey
No more ‘are we there yet’
Sleek Carbon finish to compliment your vehicles interior
Utilises your vehicles 12v supply so no battery worries

Huawei Road-Fi Review - 1 years ago
Three gives its customers big data limits, inclusive tethering and even free roaming abroad, but now its mobile data has got even more useful and versatile with the launch of its first in-car MiFi...

Three introduces Road-Fi, an in-car hotspot

Mobile Industry Review - 1 years ago
Developed by Huawei, the Road-Fi is quite a stylish gadget that hooks up to your car and allows 10 devices to be connected to the 4G network. The device is automatically charged via the power supply...

Home-Fi review - 5 months ago
It's a bit like a mains-operated version of the Huawei Road-Fi then. But is Home-Fi any good or ... it's a plain device all around. A simple black oblong with sloping sides, it will look...

Mobile WiFi (MiFi) - 1 years ago
... for your MiFi device, or in many cases anything at all, which can make it a lot more affordable if you don't have a lot of money to spare. All contracts come with an inclusive data allowance...

Three introduces 'RoadFi' WiFi for cat videos in the car

Recombu - 1 years ago
The Huawei-built device – known as Road-Fi – plugs into a vehicle's 12V socket / cigarette lighter. This gives it the power ... There is also a 12-month contract, which costs £11 a month and...

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