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<br/>Big 5.7” display.<br/>Slim Design & Pen.<br/>5MP Selfie Camera.<br/>Long Lasting Battery.<br/>Rear Fingerprint Sensor.

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LG Stylo 3 review:

CNET - 5 months ago
The Good The LG Stylo 3 has a stylus and costs a fraction of the Galaxy Note 8's price. Its removable battery lasts a long time. The Bad It's simple, laggy and nowhere near the Note 8's...

LG Stylus 3 review: powering up your productivity

3G.co.uk - 7 months ago
Samsung has had a lot of luck with its Note range, combining a big screen with a stylus, and thereby making it so much easier to write, sketch and do other work or creative tasks on your phone....

LG's budget-friendly stylus phone is back (hands-on)

CNET - 1 years ago
If you're after a phone with a stylus that won't burst into flames like the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, LG wants to show you what it's got. Announced ahead of huge trade show CES 2017, the...

Hands on: LG Stylus 3 review

TechRadar - 1 years ago
The Stylus 3 is responsive and stylus input is smooth. Opt to write with a fountain pen style and the Stylus 3 can detect the angle your using the stylus for realistic handwriting on-screen. The...

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