ZTE MF730M  Black

ZTE MF730M Dongle | 2GB Data, 12 Months

ZTE MF730M Black on 2GB Mobile Data 12 Month


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Plug it straight into your laptop to get the internet whenever you want
Connects to Three’s Advanced 3G (DC-HSDPA) mobile network
Works with PC and Mac
Windows 8 certified

Three launches ZTE MF730M dongle for mobile broadband

uSwitch.com (Tech) - 3 yearss ago
The ZTE MF730M uses simple plug-and-play technology, meaning users can access the internet simply by inserting the device into a USB drive. It is Windows 8 certified - meaning the dongle works with...

New premium dongle on 3 is faster and cheaper

3G.co.uk - 3 yearss ago
The main difference between the two is that although these are both 3G dongles, the ZTE MF730M premium dongle works on Three's faster DC-HSDPA Advanced network technology. That's about 50%...

What is Mobile Broadband? Explained in simple terms

3G.co.uk - 5 yearss ago
A mobile dongle can be bought in any technology or mobile phone store – such as a Three shop – on the high street. In the UK, all the major mobile phone operators, including 3 Mobile, offer...

4 mobile wi-fi dongles from Vodafone, EE, Three and O2

Computer Business Review - 1 years ago
O2 also offers a Huawei dongle for £30 per month upfront on a Pay & Go plan. This has no upfront cost, with 500MB, 2GB and 10GB monthly plans costing £6, £12 and £16 respectively. ... It does...

Best mobile broadband deals

Broadband Genie (blog) - 3 yearss ago
However it's worth pointing out that Three has done a lot of work to upgrade its 3G network, meaning you can get surprisingly quick speeds on an older dongle; the most important thing to take...

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